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Natural Pest Control

Natural pest control products for your gardens and landscaping will keep your family and gardens safe from harmful chemicals.

Under current regulations we will not ship any of these products outside the continental US.

Barn Owl House

Mole Repellent Spray

Snake Repellent

Barn Owl House
Our Barn Owl House is used by the common barn owl whose wings can span up to 44 inches. Barn Owls are choice rodent eaters and will enjoy this spacious home which comes with wood chips.
Mole Repellent Spray
Mole Repellent Spray - Moles tunneling throughout your yard? Mole control is high on your priority to-do list. Our eco-friendly Mole Repellent is formulated to coat earthworms and tender roots, which are the major sources of Mole food.
Snake Repellent
a Snake Repellent that is environmentally safe as well as being safe for use around pets, children, ponds and even fish if it should find its way into the water. Snakes are attracted to water during the heat of summer

Yard Net Lawn and Yard Insect Repellent

Deer-A-Tak Organic Deer Repellent

Mycrotabs Fertilizer Tablets

Yard Net Lawn and Yard Insect Repellent
Yard Net Lawn and Yard Insect Repellent is the natural insect repellent that works! This eco-safe formula is time release. As it biodegrades, Yard Net.
Deer-A-Tak Organic Deer Repellent
Now an Organic repellent, Safe/Control, to discourage deer, elk, and rabbits from feeding on vegetable gardens and ornamental landscapes that offers up to 60 to 90 days of coverage.
Mycrotabs Fertilizer Tablets
Our Mycrotabs consist of a fertilize component of 10-8-8 NPK and Beneficial soil microbes. Mycrotabs give plants the ability to take up beneficial nutrients in the soil, use less water, along with better uptake of fertilize.

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Helleborus HGC Pink Frost
Helleborus Pink Frost is an unusual Lenten Rose that produces upward facing blooms. The colors of the Pink Frost Hellebore provides a range of colors from white, pink and rose that deepens to burgundy as they age.

Helleborus Red Sapphire
Winter Jewels, Red Sapphire Helleborus features deep rich blooms. Beginning in later winter through spring, you will enjoy double blooms in deep rose red will stand out in any garden setting. Lenten Rose.

Helleborus Snow Fever
Mix this Lenten Rose in with other Hellebores for great foliage contrast. The long blooming Snow Fever Helleborus will show white blooms from January through March in most areas.


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