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Flowering Trees

Welcome to Flowering Trees. Reduce your search by selecting the height of the trees you require for your yard on the left hand side.

These beautiful flowering trees are sure to add seasonal color to your landscape. Trees that flower such as maplesflowering dogwoods and red buds are spring blooming varieties and will add landscape color in early spring. Flowering trees like tulip poplarcrape myrtlessmoketree and magnolias bring summer blooms. For fall foliage, plant trees like the sourwoodserviceberry, sambucus, and the Red Sunset and Brandywine Maples for brilliant fall colors.

Sourwood Trees are one of our more popular flowering tree varieties with customers planting them in larger quantities for honey production. Here in zone 7, they are mid summer blooming trees, producing beautiful white clusters of blooms late July to early August. Sourwood honey is considered to be a gourmet honey that is less sweet than wildflower honey

Greenwood Nursery offers a safe environment for buying flowering trees, flowering shrubs, ground cover plants, and other plants at our online nursery. As an online garden center, we strive to provide excellent customer service to our customers. Our knowledgeable staff is available to answer questions by phone or email. We make it easy to buy plants online.

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Helleborus HGC Pink Frost
Helleborus Pink Frost is an unusual Lenten Rose that produces upward facing blooms. The colors of the Pink Frost Hellebore provides a range of colors from white, pink and rose that deepens to burgundy as they age.

Helleborus Red Sapphire
Winter Jewels, Red Sapphire Helleborus features deep rich blooms. Beginning in later winter through spring, you will enjoy double blooms in deep rose red will stand out in any garden setting. Lenten Rose.

Helleborus Snow Fever
Mix this Lenten Rose in with other Hellebores for great foliage contrast. The long blooming Snow Fever Helleborus will show white blooms from January through March in most areas.


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