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Let our gardening articles help you with planting information, garden ideas and garden design.

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Tips for Fall Garden Care
Learn tips for fall garden maintenance. A little fall garden care can help to reduce spring garden clean up.

Pruning shrubs will keep them healthy and safe
One of the major causes of anxiety among amateur landscapers is the subject of pruning shrubs. After all, you’ve invested a fair amount of time and money in them, and now you’re expected to cut chunks out of them?! Eeeek!

"Ain't No Ticks On Me?" You Hope!
You've probably heard that advertising jingle on the radio for a product to keep bugs away. The second verse begins, "There ain't no ticks on me..."

"Easy care" plants for the horticulturally challenged!
"I have a brown thumb," a reader of this column recently moaned. She meant that she had the opposite of a "green thumb," a description we often apply to people who seem to have a knack of growing just about anything successfully.

"Head's up! Literally that is.
When we're planting tree seedlings -- or any other kind of plant -- it's only natural that we spend most of our time looking at the ground.

"Made in the Shade" on a hot summer's day
Does this sound good to you right now? You are outside on a pleasant summer's day. You can hear the chirp and twitter of various birds, and maybe the distant drone of a faraway tractor or mower.

"Roses are red..." and so are these trees!
When St. Valentine's Day is on the calendar, it seems that everything you see is colored red! Every billboard, every store display... even neck ties and sweaters.

“Sold” on compost? Here’s how to make your pile
Creating a compost pile is one of the simplest jobs you can do around your garden and landscape. However, it is also just about the most effective use of your time because it pays big dividends in the form of vibrant soil and healthy plants.

“Thinking green” adds beauty, saves money
When you think of St. Patrick’s Day, what color immediately springs to mind? The answer of course is green!

A planting primer for trees and shrubs
Perhaps you visit a garden center or look at an online catalog and see various intriguing plants but hesitate to make the buying decision because you’re not sure about the correct planting procedure.

Add pathways to your landscape and save your lawn!
Recently, a reader asked me what to do about some well worn patches across her lawn. It seems that her family continues to "beat a path" across a particular area, despite her gentle requests, more forceful suggestions and downright threats!

An all-natural snake repellent? This one has many benefits!
In a recent "Plant Man" column, a reader asked for suggestions to rid his landscape of snakes without having to kill them. One reader responded with a fascinating (and non-toxic) idea that you'll find in this week's column, below.

Analyzing Your Soil
Testing your soil is the smart way to start and maintain your garden. Only by knowing the nutrient levels in your soil can you determine what you need to add to your garden in order to maximize growth.

Attractive groundcover can repel deer, too!
Groundcover: Can it really be practical as well as attractive? In a previous column, I discussed the pros and cons of adding groundcover around your trees.

Avoid these landscaping hazards!
Reports tell us that the majority of personal-injury accidents occur in the home. If that's the case, then garden and landscape-related injuries can't be far behind!

Bird bedding, herb gardens and groundcover
I love e-mail. Even with all the spam and the worries about viruses, it's still a modern marvel. For instance, almost as soon as this column is published, I start receiving e-mail from readers commenting on what I've written or offering helpful

Bird bedding, herb gardens and groundcover
As you know, this column is about trees, shrubs and all things "landscaping." So it might seem strange when I tell you that today I'm talking about houses. Wait! Stay right there! This isn't about the house that YOU live in.

Bird bedding, herb gardens and groundcover
I love e-mail. Even with all the spam and the worries about viruses, it's still a modern marvel. For instance, almost as soon as this column is published, I start receiving e-mail from readers commenting on what I've written or offering helpful

Bird bedding, herb gardens and groundcover
As you know, this column is about trees, shrubs and all things "landscaping." So it might seem strange when I tell you that today I'm talking about houses. Wait! Stay right there! This isn't about the house that YOU live in.

Birds, bats and butterflies: How to make them welcome!
Lions and tigers and bears (oh my!)... It's my guess that you'd agree with Dorothy on this one. There are some critters you just don't want to invite into your landscape.

Compost: the free gateway to super soil
Is it really worth starting your own compost pile? Aren’t you simply creating a smelly eyesore that’s just a glorified trash dump?

Container gardening opens up new landscaping options
When it comes to getting creative with your landscaping, don't overlook containers! Perhaps you haven't really considered container gardening because you think of it as only for apartment-dwellers and others who have little or no land...

Container water garden: a fun and easy project!
A water feature is a charming addition to your landscape. But with water comes the potential problem of mosquitoes!

Correct planting gives shrubs and trees a head start
Of course, YOU’D never say something like that. But maybe you’ve heard someone else say it, though not in so many words. The fact is that young trees and shrubs are at their most vulnerable when you are planting them in your landscape.

Create a haven of privacy with the right trees and shrubs
Ah, privacy! If you live on a ranch in Wyoming or in a cabin in the wilds of Montana, that’s probably not a problem. But if you’re like most of us, you have neighbors quite close on each side of you and maybe overlooking the back of your lot...

Create privacy and drama with a living fence.
The wide open spaces might sound romantic or even desirable to us. But, even though America is a vast country, most of us only own and occupy a small portion of it. One or two acres are now described by Realtors as "large lots" and...

Creative plant names add fun to your landscape
What's in a name? Some plants have acquired names that boast fascinating back-stories, while others have monikers that are so descriptive, they're irresistible! Here are two of my favorite examples.

Cucumber time in the Garden
Cucumbers, although available year round in the stores nowadays, are most plentiful during the summer months when many folks are raising them in their gardens.

Dish the dirt! What's your soil type?
It feels a little odd to be saying this with the August sun beating down on us, but it's a fact: Fall is just around the corner!

Dogwoods, cedars or shrubs: spouses have different ideas!
Sometimes, the questions I receive are more concerned with “domestic relationships” than with the specific landscape problems they describe. Two people who agree on most everything can have very differing opinions concerning what to plant...

Dry your own herbs to enjoy all year.
Have you ever sat in a traffic jam and seen a billboard beside a new development that reads "If you lived here you'd be home by now"? Earlier in the spring, I wrote three columns about planting and enjoying container herb gardens. So now I can say..

Enjoy the look and taste of a "fruitful" landscape
It shouldn't be only rabbits, squirrels and deer who get to enjoy the taste of your landscape. You planted it and you should get to eat some of it too!

Evergreen planting brings year-round life to your garden
This time of the year is perfect for planning some of the exciting projects you can get started on in the spring. This week I have a suggestion for a project that is a lot of fun to plan and will be very satisfying to create.

Finding natural solutions to garden and landscape
From time to time I hear from people who are interested in finding alternatives to chemical-based products to use as fertilizers or for weed control.

Flowering trees add vivid bursts of color
For me, at this time of year, nothing lifts my spirits quite like the sight of the beautiful flowering trees that Cheryl and I have planted over the years as part of our landscape. And it’s not just our trees.

Grow lush grass – not weeds – on your lawn!
It's that time of the year when we suddenly start thinking about lawn care again. The grass is beginning to grow again, and so are the weeds. And the brown patches are even more noticeable against the new, fresh green growth.

Making your landscape a bird and wildlife ‘magnet'
Wildlife and your landscape. For some of you, that phrase will conjure up an idyllic visions of birds and small woodland creatures happily playing in your backyard.

Noisy or nosey? Either way, screening can help!
One of the most depressing aspects of many new housing developments is the strange feeling you get that someone has planted an enormous meadow full of houses.

Ornamental grasses add year-long garden pleasure
There's grass... and then there are grasses!

You mow down the grass, but grasses get a whole different treatment. You scowl and say, "Darn it! Look how long the grass is getting!" Then smile benignly and say, "Look at those long, lush grasses!"

Ornamental grasses enhance and showcase your flowers and shrubs
Your flower beds are finally free of weeds and you want to showcase your annuals and perennials with something special. This could be the perfect place for ornamental grasses.

Best Winter Gardening Tips to Get a Start on Spring and Summer Yard Care
Apply these best winter gardening tips and you will get a head start on your spring and summer yard care. Pruning plants, mulching plants, and garden care.

How to Grow Blackberry and Raspberry Plants
How to grow blackberry plants and how to grow raspberry plants. To get the best production from your raspberry and blackberry plants care is required. Follow these care instructions and your small fruiting plants will fruit all season long.

Planting? Here are some “off the beaten path” ideas
“Tell me more!” That was the response I received from a number of readers to a recent column in which I suggested some landscaping plants that you might not have considered.

Pruning: a kindly cut for your trees
Pruning trees is a subject that crops up quite frequently in e-mail that I receive from readers of this column. Many people feel uneasy about cutting limbs from their trees...

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Helleborus HGC Pink Frost
Helleborus Pink Frost is an unusual Lenten Rose that produces upward facing blooms. The colors of the Pink Frost Hellebore provides a range of colors from white, pink and rose that deepens to burgundy as they age.

Helleborus Red Sapphire
Winter Jewels, Red Sapphire Helleborus features deep rich blooms. Beginning in later winter through spring, you will enjoy double blooms in deep rose red will stand out in any garden setting. Lenten Rose.

Helleborus Snow Fever
Mix this Lenten Rose in with other Hellebores for great foliage contrast. The long blooming Snow Fever Helleborus will show white blooms from January through March in most areas.


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