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How to Identify Poison Ivy Plants
How to identify poison ivy plants. Poison ivy pictures and information will help keep you safe.

Tips for Prepping Your Yard Before Winter Hits
From lawn to shrubs and trees, here are tips for prepping your yard before winter weather sets in. What you need to do before winter.

Rose Rosette Disease - Rose Virus Attacking Even Knock-Out Roses
Rose Rosette Disease is a rose virus that has become an epidemic with all rose cultivars including Knockout Roses and Drift Roses. Symptoms of the Rose Rosette disease are...

Gardens in the Movies
Gardens in the movies are so perfect. Iris's cottage in "The Holiday" is my favorite. I see it in summer with roses, lavender and mock orange shrubs.

Garden Plants for Allergy Sufferers
Gardening with allergies can be a wonderful experience with some planning. The low allergy garden is full of beautiful plants that have one thing in common. They are insect pollinated plants which eliminates wind blown pollen.

Why Mow Your Lawn When Easier Lawn Alternatives are Available?
You don't want to spend your weekends mowing, aerating, fertilizing, weeding and mowing again. Do you? We have lawn alternatives for you to plant instead of growing the traditional grass in your yard.

Create Your Own Secret Garden with Shrub Roses that Offer Privacy and Beauty
Create your own Secret Garden. In The Secret Garden, author Frances Hodgson Burnett surmises, “If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.”

Butterfly Gardens Create Habitats, Protect, and Help to Preserve Flora and Fauna
The most important factor in developing your own butterfly garden is choosing plants for butterflies. Not every flower assures your garden will attract butterflies...

Tips for Growing Strawberry Plants and Eating Strawberries
Great tips on growing strawberry plants and how to store and ways to eat strawberries. Greenwood Nursery, also, provides a good selection of bare root strawberry plants for shipping during fall and spring. Order your strawberry plants today!

Using Ground Cover Plants as Lawn Substitutes
Ground cover plants fill in bare areas of your landscape and are choice as lawn substitutes for grass. Shade loving ground covers grow in woodland areas and on north and south sides of buildings.

Making the Garden Safe for Pets and Children
With a little planning, you can include children and pets safely in your garden and landscape designs. Read on for ways to include pets in your landscape and for ideas for children to have play areas.

Gardening with Physical Limitations
How to make gardening easier for those with physical disabilities, whether you garden with arthritis, from a wheelchair or are visually impaired. Maybe you or someone in your household has difficulty getting around in the garden. Help for gardening.

How to Incorporate Vegetable and Fruit Plants into Your Landscape
This article will give you ideas on how to incorporate vegetable and fruit plants into your landscape.

9 ways to brighten up your front entrance
Tips for making your front entrance a truly welcoming space.

Best ways to use flowering shrubs and evergreen shrubs
Best ways to use flowering shrubs and evergreen shrubs in garden settings or landscape areas. Planting shrubs is a great way to add color and interest to your landscape. Selecting gardening plants can be frustrating without a garden plan to get start

Favorite Ways to Use Lavender
Use your Hidcote and Munstead lavender plants in late spring and summer culinary dishes such as salads and roasted chicken. Fresh lavender blooms should be submerged into water to release any dirt or insects hanging on. Fresh lavender buds can be

Planting Strawberry Plants
Tips for growing strawberries. Strawberry plants grow best in well drained soil that has been amended with organic matter. Strawberry plants should not be planted in or near soil where these plants have been planted within the past 3 to 5 years.

How to Add Curb Appeal with Foundation Plants
Foundation plants are shrubs and bushes used for planting along homes and buildings to soften their look, enhance curb appeal and tie it to the surrounding landscape.

Hummingbird Plant Magnets

Select Ground Cover Plants That Flatten The Landscape
The process of fattening out a landscape with ground cover plants is not difficult if the proper procedures are used. For this project, various things will be needed, such as different kinds of plants depending on the season.

Planting Flowering Shrub Hedges
Beautify your landscape with flowering hedge shrubs that grow tall and will bloom all summer long.

Planting Quick Growing Hedge Plants
Need privacy quickly? Check out these fast growing shrubs for privacy.

Add Life and Color to Your Landscape
Tips for adding garden plants to your landscape. Find out which plants can add the most punch of color and life with little effort. Greenwood Nursery Ideas!

Butterfly bushes - a welcoming habitat for butterflies and hummingbirds
Butterfly bushes are available in a large variety of single colors. Our Butterfly Plants Garden is an instant garden for attracting butterflies and hummingbirds. Smaller size plants, make planting a butterfly garden easy and affordable.

Planting and caring tips for hydrangeas plants
Hydrangea plants are vibrant long-living flowering shrubs that bloom profusely summer through fall. Hydrangea bushes come in wonderful shades of blue, red, white, cream, pink, and purple. Their ability to tolerate wind and salt make them an ideal to

The Perfect Mix of Shade Garden Plants for Your Landscape
There are certain varieties of shade garden plants that grow for more than three years under mottled or full-shaded areas. The good thing is, as these plants flourish in the shades of the neighboring trees, they are well protected from the damage

Tips for Planting Ground Cover Plants
Whether your project requires evergreen ground cover plants or flowering ground cover plants between stepping stones, our online nursery plant catalog offers the best choices for the job.

Vertical Gardening for Home Gardens
Vertical gardening is landscaping or using plants to draw the eye upwards which creates a larger, more airy space. Any space or landscape can benefit from vertical gardening

Top 10 Most Fragrant Garden Plants
Select from our top 10 fragrant garden plants. From fragrant herbs to fragrant perennials to our most fragrant shrubs and fragrant trees.

Tips to Grow Fern Plants in the Outdoors
Plant Fern plants in lightly shaded areas or woodland gardens. They can thrive in the shaded areas to great heights, texture and color.

Plant in Fall for Spring Growth
Yes, you can plant in fall for spring growth. Many areas of the country, such as zones 6, 7, and 8 generally continue to experience mild weather until early to mid December. Bare root trees and shrubs can be planted when they are available the latter

Maintaining Flowering Shrubs to Avoid Excessive Growth
Once plants, trees, and flowering shrubs have taken root and established themselves, the rest is about enjoying your garden and maintaining it to keep its attractive appearance in order and avoid excessive growth.

Protect Your Garden Plants from Frost Damage
Protect your garden plants from frost damage in fall or spring. Step by step instructions on how to prevent frost damage.

What to do in Your Yard Before and After Hurricanes, Storms and Tornadoes
Check lists for how to go about saving their trees or what to do about their lawn. In addition to preparing your dwelling for a hurricane or tropical storm,

Controlling Erosion After Hurricanes and Storms
One of the most common problems after hurricanes, severe storms and wildfire is soil erosion. Controlling soil erosion after wildfires, hurricanes and storms.

Gardening Gift Ideas
Fun and unusual gardening gifts for gardeners. Last minute gift ideas that can be picked up on the way to parties or get togethers.

Growing Hydrangeas
Hydrangeas grow and bloom the best in morning sun with afternoon shade. Don't expect them to do well in heavy shade. The Pee Gee variety is hardy enough to grow in full sun.

Plants for Your Pool Landscape
Plant suggestions for planting around pools.

November Yard Must-Do Reminders
What every homeowner needs to be doing for yard maintenance in November. November yard maintenance reminder!

Tips on Looking for Winter Plant Damage
Winter weather can wreck havoc on the plants in your landscape. Here are tips on looking for winter plant damage.

Spring Garden To-Do List
A quick list of chores to get you started on spring clean up maintenance. A six week chart gets your garden whipped into shape on your own schedule.

How to Control Deer Damage in Your Yard
Basic steps to controlling deer damage in your yard, garden and landscape setting. These safe measures will encourage the deer to move onto other areas without harming children or pets.

Growing Rose of Sharon in Your Garden
Growing a Rose of Sharon hedge in Your Garden is an excellent way of creating a private garden area during the summer season. Changing the appearance of your garden can be easily done.

Butterfly bushes- a welcoming habitat for the butterflies and humming birds
Did you know that growing butterfly bushes is a popular hobby for many Americans? The enchanting colors of buddleia flowers, the bracing fragrance of the

Best Gardening Trends for Your Garden
See how the best gardening trends are directly related to the economy and weather factors. The United States is seeing one of the largest shifts in how people garden and how homeowners are landscaping their yards

Starting a Compost in Your Garden
Ready for starting a compost in your garden? Anyone who has a garden should be composting. It is very easy to do and the benefits are numerous when it comes to enhancing the soil and producing quality fruits, flowers and vegetables.

Starting a Backyard Garden with Raised Beds and Pots
You can start a backyard garden with raised beds or pots. Home gardening is the number one hobby in the United States. Is there anything more satisfying than walking out your back door, picking a juicy red tomato and enjoying that sweet fresh flavor

Create Unique Garden Patterns with Common Flowering Shrubs
You can create unique garden patterns with common flowering shrubs! Your garden sends a message about who you are and what you care about. Have you ever seen those well-manicured hedges at famous locations like Versailles?

Butterfly Habitat Rain Gardens Are Combinations for Learning and Global Improvement
Butterfly Habitat Rain Gardens are a new concept for learning and global improvement. There are Zen gardens, tranquility gardens, lasagna gardens, pizza gardens, native habitat gardens, memory gardens, rain gardens, and butterfly gardens.

OSO Easy Shrub Roses Make Elegant, Chemical-Free Garden Safe Zones
Oso Easy Rose Shrubs bring exactly the right zing of color and fragrance to your home garden. From focal points to low hedges, these are the perfect choice for garden plants...

Swamp Milkweed and Wild Ginger Bring Monarchs and Pipeline Swallowtails to Your Butterfly Garden
One of the truly wonderful aspects of butterfly gardening is that the most effective plants for such are perennials and natives. Key to attracting and providing for the most butterflies possible is to provide attractive plants

Ground Cover Basics for Erosion Control, Beautification, and Elegant Focal Points
Attention is paid to beds, borders, foundations, and focal points in commercial and home gardens, but just about any landscape should benefit from well-placed ground cover plants. A wide variety of ground cover plants are available

Ground Covers Turn Your No-Grow Zones to Colorful Delights
Most yards exhibit some problem areas before serious gardening begins. In some cases, lawn problems will persist even after years of gardening know how has been applied. The most successful gardeners

Your Drought-Tolerant Garden May Be a Rainbow of Hope with Drought Resistant Plants
Drought-tolerant gardens may present a rainbow of color when the proper drought tolerant plants are chosen. This stands to give everyone who passes your garden a burst of hope.

Xeriscaping Gardens Conserve Water and Beautify Your Trouble Zones
xeriscaping is landscaping designed toward water conservation, resourcefulness for drought conditions, and use of native plants that have adapted to accept lower moisture levels.

Vinca Minor: Fast Growing Evergreen Ground Cover Plants for Shade
Vinca Minor is one of the more versatile ground cover plants. Hardy strong growing Vinca Minor is a good choice groundcover for hillsides, in shaded areas, poor soil, and other barren areas.

Vinca Minor | Discounted Prices on Ground Cover Plants
Our large bundles of 50 bare root vinca minor plants are one of the best values on the internet. Buy these ground cover plants at discounted prices!

Tasks to Make Your Fall Garden Care a Breeze
Performing the following garden tasks in September will save you time and frustration in fall leaving you more time to enjoy your garden.

Ground Cover Plants for Hard to Grow Areas
Select the Best Ground Cover Plants for Hard to Grow Areas such as hillsides, river banks and drainage ditches.

Kids Garden Project - Build a Basic Scare-Crow
Kids garden project - build a basic scare crow that can live in the garden. Greenwood Online Nursery and Gardens.

Kids Garden Project - How to Make a Weather Station
Great kids garden project on how to make a weather station. It's important to pay attention to the weather in the summer as the weather affects the growth of plants.

Kids Garden Project - Make a Mini Greenhouse
A great garden project for kids of all ages - make a mini-greenhouse almost free!

Kid's Garden Project - How to Make Bean Tee-Pee
Great kid's garden project on how to make a bean tee pee that is easy to construct and they will observe lots of garden goings on while playing in it. Greenwood Online Nursery and Gardens.

Tips for Gardening with Kids
Greenwood Nursery's tips to make gardening with your children enjoyable, and memorable.

Make your own mini Terrarium
A terrarium is fun to make and easy to maintain. You might even want to make yours into a "fairy garden" by adding a few small doll accessories.

Crow Village in Montevallo, Alabama Hopes to Grow Its Own Community Garden
Most community gardens thrive on land lent or donated by families, community organizations, and/or corporations. Many of the plants might be donated or discounted by such groups as well.

Ordering from an Online Plant Nursery
Online plant nurseries offer wide selections of plants often at cheaper prices than garden centers. Buying smaller versions of trees and shrubs is a great way to save money on your landscape.

Mail Order Trees in Your Yard
Our mail order trees and shrubs are shipped at the right time for planting in your yard. Buy bare root trees and shrubs for cheaper prices. Shop, Compare and Save at GreenwoodNursery.com

How to Decide Whether or Not to Mulch Your Plants
Curious about whether or not to mulch and why you should mulch? This infographic will provide you with answers to the Mulch vs No Mulch argument, plus suggestions on what to use as organic mulch.

Provide Beautiful Protection with Ground Cover Plants
Buying Trees and Shrubs Online? We invite you to SHOP and COMPARE our prices with other nurseries on same size plants. And, then you'll SAVE with Greenwood Nursery prices. Why pay more for the same plants?

Plant a Bee Garden to Bring Back the Bees
What to plant in your bee garden to make it easier for bees to find nectar. Your bee garden will need plants that bloom year round to provide substantial food for your neighborhood bees.

Get Help to Grow Your Fall Garden
Your online plant nursery, we can help you choose ground cover plants or flowering shrubs that will establish nicely in with your garden's unique patterns and be ready to take off growing in the spring.

Attract Birds to Your Yard This Winter
What to plant and add to your yard to attract birds to your yard throughout the winter season.

Can Chickens and Gardens Co-Exist?
Considering adding chickens to your garden plan? Gardens and chickens co-existing is a debatable topic. Regarding sustainable garden techniques for the homesteader using chickens

Winter Weather Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe
Winter Weather Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe

How to Maintain Your Lawn Mower and Basic Lawn Care Tips
Besides tips on cutting grass and basic lawn care, you will learn what you need to know about lawn mower maintenance to keep your lawn mower running smoothly year after year.

The 4 Basic Soil Types Found in the United States
The 4 Basic Soil Types found here in the United States – in no particular order….

How to Improve Clay Soil
Clay Soil problems vary from location to location, but can be improved. The following tactics will help you on improving your clay soil.

How to Toughen up and Improve Sandy Soil
How to toughen up and improve sandy soil and make it healthier.

5 Best Gardening Tools for Beginning Gardeners and New Homeowners
What are the basic gardening tools one should have?We've listed the 5 Gardening Tools for Beginning Gardeners and New Homeowners will want to acquire for their gardening activities.

What Factors Determine Which Plants I Can Use in my Garden and Landscape
Here we will look at the factors that help to determine which plants you will be able to successfully use in your garden and landscape. When choosing plants for your garden and landscape, you have to be mindful for many reasons.

Container Gardening with the Elderly and Disabled
Container gardening has become the primary go-to method of gardening for many people, especially for people who have different physical capabilities than most. Gardening in containers is adaptable and can be

Chicken Care Basics for Beginning Chicken Keeping
Here’s the very basics of chicken care every new chicken keeper needs to know and understand before they jump into chicken keeping.

Creating an Ideal Garden for Hummingbirds
Creating an ideal garden for hummingbirds offers more than just food. They offer all of the basic essentials for bird life. Hummingbirds come and stay in gardens that are perfectly suited for them.

Problems to Expect with Raising Chickens
one reality about raising chickens is simply that chickens are very prone to sickness, disease, and behavioral issues. It never seems to matter how careful chicken keepers are - problems with...

Low Maintenance Evergreen Foundation Plantings
Foundation plantings make for the basis of landscape design, not only in looks but also in purpose. Good planning results in foundation plantings that compliment, balance, take up excess water keeping it off of the foundation, screen, and block the h

Ideas on How to Plant a Garden
There’s so much information available on the subject of how to plant a garden, that it can get overwhelming! Starting small, with easy to create and grow elements is a great first step that won’t overwhelm you - and quickly reward you with beauty and

Perennial Plants Make Gardening Easy
if you plant the right perennials in your garden, your life will be a lot easier. It’s true - many perennial plants make gardening easy.

Growing Strawberry Plants Easy as Strawberry Pie
You can affordably grow your own strawberry plants with delicious bites of sweet spring and summer at home. Strawberry plants are remarkably hardy, prolific, and extremely rewarding. Easy as pie.

Integrating Chickens into the Garden Area
Integrating chickens into the garden area is possible, but it’s a process and takes time.

Preparing the Garden and Yard for Housing a Few Chickens
very important considerations and preparations you need to take in order to prepare your garden or yard for housing a few chickens.

Growing a Garden for Animals
people know the goodness a garden can offer, but often overlook the possibilities the garden offers their animals on the homestead. In fact, there was a time when much of the produce grown on the homestead was grown to feed the animals living there..

10 No Fail Perennial Plants for Any Garden
10 no fail perennial plants for any garden. There are so many wonderful perennials today that suit needs just right and make great staples, but there is of course always the best that works in every garden.

Chicken and Duck Breeds that Live Well Together in Small Yards
Here are our suggestions for chicken and duck breeds that live well together in small yards and small spaces.

Favorite Ground Cover Plants for Any Yard Space
our favorite ground cover plants that we offer, ready to enhance your landscape with living green mulch and beautiful low-growing blooms

What the Urban Chicken Keeper Needs to Know About Gathering Eggs
There are some basics the urban chicken keeper needs to know to make gathering eggs effortless and sanitary.

What Breeds of Chickens Are Best for Backyard Gardens
Keeping in mind that chickens are certainly individuals themselves, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite breeds of chickens that are best for backyard gardens that may help point you in a general direction for selecting your city backyard chicken.

2 Ways to Incorporate Fragrant Shrubs and Perennials into the Landscape
Incorporating fragrant shrubs and perennials into the landscape not only offers a visual display, but also adds a second level of experience that most landscapes lack and can put your garden a whole different level.

How to Build a Garden Bed without Digging
That’s where the concept of the “no-dig” garden bed comes in. Yes, you can build a garden bed without digging!

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Helleborus HGC Pink Frost
Helleborus Pink Frost is an unusual Lenten Rose that produces upward facing blooms. The colors of the Pink Frost Hellebore provides a range of colors from white, pink and rose that deepens to burgundy as they age.

Helleborus Red Sapphire
Winter Jewels, Red Sapphire Helleborus features deep rich blooms. Beginning in later winter through spring, you will enjoy double blooms in deep rose red will stand out in any garden setting. Lenten Rose.

Helleborus Snow Fever
Mix this Lenten Rose in with other Hellebores for great foliage contrast. The long blooming Snow Fever Helleborus will show white blooms from January through March in most areas.


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